Most broadband providers use the open platform of Openreach to deliver service to their customers. Frustrated by poor connectivity issues businesses have routinely changed suppliers to improve the situation to no avail. Any disappointment that you may feel after having fibre broadband installed due to poor or inconsistent speeds may actually be nothing to do with your broadband connection. The most likely culprit is WiFi. WiFi has been adopted wholesale in the UK, driven by the many mobile devices we use today e.g. smartphones, laptops and tablet, PCs, notebooks. (Uk properties have more WiFi networks installed, 73.3% compared to Japan, 68.4% and the USA, 61.0%)

Many manufacturers claim impressive performance and range from their routers with speeds of over 1 Gbps However WiFi signals are highly susceptible to interference from neighbouring properties using WiFi and also has limited range, which can cause performance problems. WiFi optimisation is essential to get the very best speeds that your broadband connection is capable of delivering.

With Our Wifi Optimization service we send an engineer to your premises, determine an optimal configuration of equipment and Wifi channel frequencies to minimise interference susceptibility. Whether you’re wanting good connectivity for customer waiting areas, reception in a surgery or in a hotel lobby Urbanfibre will solve the competing dilemma of data rates and, at times unstable connection of 2.4 GH and 5 GH and; interference trade off of 802.11n and 802.11ac. All WiFi routers and access points are not made equal, and we expend a great deal effort in to improving your range.

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