Britain has one of the slowest internet speeds in the world and yet this country has amongst the highest concentration of businesses in the world. The South East in particular must struggle with outdated copper wire cabling ADSL internet which is slow in bandwidth and speed. Simply not fit for purpose in the 21st century. Signs of low bandwidth can include slow speeds, delays due to congestion, dropouts and pixelated video quality. UrbanFibre along with our technology partners are addressing this inadequacy with a passion. We aim to bring fibre optic connectivity to every business and premises we pass allowing businesses and private landlords to access speeds up to 10 Gb/s. This infrastructure will allow the use of flexible technologies like voip cloud services and unified communications so businesses can flourish and conduct business efficiently, cheaply and take advantage of future digital communication technologies.

Our Vision and Mission

Detailed market research has revealed considerable demand for fibre broadband by SMEs. UrbanFibre is committed to serving as a leading independent Internet and network service provider. We will accomplish this vision by keeping pace in deploying ever-changing technology. We will envision our customers’ needs even before they do and foster early adoption of advanced networking technologies.

Our mission is to surpass the needs and expectations of all our customers by providing services with carrier-class reliability and security with readily available customer support. This also means that we want to provide complete, business grade Internet solutions to all of our customers by incorporating sensible and cost-effective packages. We aim to revolutionize fibre broadband services by providing pure fibre business broadband and communications via the internet that delivers unparalleled speed and quality. Thereby bringing unprecedented advantages in efficiency and productivity, ultimately resulting in achieving business goals and a better customer experience.

What we do

We work with alternative-network infrastructure builders who are laying ultrafast fibre optic cabling, digging the streets and laying conduits and fibre cables to business premises. These networks support very high bandwidth, and speeds do not drop as high demands are put on to the network. Businesses benefit from symmetrical equal upload and download speeds. This is significant as activities like Voip telephony, web conferencing, high definition video streaming, file sharing, cloud applications can place high demands on bandwidth. Business grade full fibre networks, which do not share traffic with residential broadband allows businesses to meet the digital challenges of the future, grow to enable businesses to be more productive and save on costs of connectivity, removing the slow speeds and bottlenecks caused by ADSL inhibiting businesses. We see an opportunity to use our full fibre network, where distance has no impact on performance, to deliver a world beating fibre-to-the-premises (“FTTP”) service to customers who are willing to pay for better communications.