We are passionate about providing fibre connectivity that helps small and medium size businesses to thrive and stay competitive in the digital future. We do this so we can provide access to cloud services that ensures SMEs get the actual benefits of cloud applications such as off site collaborative working and communications and other productivity gains that flow from these new technologies

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Fibre Future

We’ve had copper wiring for over 100 years. It is adequate for a voice signal which it was intended for but it offers very limited bandwidth for today’s needs. Data transmission by fibre cabling has huge inherent speed advantages travelling at near speed of light, while copper travels at less than one percent of the speed of light. Using fibre broadband to connect to the internet ensures your business operations are internet optimised

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Have it your way....

When it comes to choosing a fibre broadband service our flexible packages will best meet your needs. From bandwidth speeds to unlimited data allowances on all packages, we’ve made it easy to connect with us. We have all differing term deals and you can take the service for 12,36 or 60 months with no exit charges so it’s totally flexible to fit your needs. Enjoy complete convenience, and fast reliable symmetrical connection speeds, that will give you more stable and flexible communications to help you grow your business.
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Connected Services

We provide services to businesses and private individuals to access and use the internet. Fast stable connectivity is the basis for taking advantage of all the internet has to offer. So that’s our starting point. With great connectivity we are able to give you Voip internet telephony which is crisp with no crackle. Similarly we can provide a suite of communication tools and work possibilities to improve efficiency and flexibility for your staff and customers. And we understand you will want to use many devices simultaneously on broadband connection. Often success can be determined by the quality of the Wifi so we provide a service to maximise uptime, minimise interruptions and data slow down.

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Broadband represents the vital final piece to deliver IOT. The need for always-on bandwidth combined with potentially huge numbers of networked objects – some estimate many billion individually connected devices – imply an immense data throughput on networks. European Commission predictions suggest that some applications could involve the networking of up to 70 billion devices Europe-wide. Only fibre optic broadband can deliver this scale of communications.

The Internet of Things is fast becoming a fixture in our lives and business as the technologies for transformative business applications are at hand. IOT is a development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. intelligent web servers monitor equipment and smart sensors which can access the internet and automatically report what is happening and contacts the relevant party
In an increasingly connected world it is becoming more essential to have ultrafast symmetrical connectivity. Yet many organizations have been slow to recognize and act on these new opportunities.